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Mobile Gantry Cranes handle oversized and extended loads efficiently

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This week’s blog looks at another Combilift specialist unit the mobile gantry crane.

Mobile gantry cranes are the ideal solution for lifting oversized or out of gauge loads, with high lifting capacities and small physical footprint they bring many advantages to owners and operators.

Advantages of gantry cranes include:

Increased Useable Storage Space
The Combi-MG gantry crane is able to operate in reduced aisle widths of only 1.5m. This small operating space allows owners to increase their useable storage space due to the smaller aisle width required when compared to conventional counterbalance forklifts.

Units also have full left to right side-shift capabilities further increasing storage space and flexibility when moving loads.

Multi-directional Movement
With six steering options Combilift gantry cranes are able to manoeuvre in ways and spaces counterbalance forklifts can’t.

Lift a Large Range of Loads
With rated lift capacities from 20T up to 80T (model dependant) there is a suitable gantry crane to lift any desired load.

Multiple gantry cranes can be used in tandem to lift long out of gauge loads such as pipe segments.

efficient lifting of extended loads

Telescopic Lift
Each gantry crane is fitted with independent telescopic risers; this provides units with higher maximum lift heights as well as being able to pass under low heights.

C-Hook Attachments
Gantry cranes can be fitted with rotating C-Hook attachments for handling coils of materials such as electrical cables. The attachment allows for either the manual or automatic rotation of loads depending on the type of attachment.

c hook attachment to lift coils

Fully Customisable to Buyers Requirements
Cranes are available with multiple power plants including a Kubota diesel engine or LP gas option to suit buyer requirements.

Combilift also has the ability to fully customise the dimensions of gantry cranes to meet the most challenging applications.

mobile gantry cranes

This blog post has demonstrated some of the many benefits mobile gantry cranes bring to their owners. For further information click below
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Published By: Paul Hinz

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