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Materials Handling, What We Can Learn From The Food & Beverage Industry

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This week’s blog looks at some key questions for the supply chain industry, regarding materials handling requirements with examples from food and beverage applications. 

What is the correct unit for my needs?

Depending on circumstances Adaptalift is able to supply the full range of Hyster units to meet your handling requirements at any stage of the supply chain.

Units you can choose from include standard and high capacity forklifts for the moving of your palletised ingredients from delivery trucks to production, or moving finished product’s into storage and loading on to transport.

To help with day to day operations, smaller pedestrian controlled units such as a reach truck with a lift height of up to 11 metres can assist in storing or retrieving goods in high vertical storage areas or perhaps a low level order picker is what your warehouse needs to assist staff in picking stock for order fulfilment from a second level of storage.

food and beverage materials handling units

How can I increase my operations productivity?

As well as being able to supply the best fit for purpose units at each stage of the supply chain, Adaptalift are able to supply units with specialist attachments to boost productivity.

An example of these attachments enabled Plzensky Prazdroj the largest brewery in the Czech Republic to increase their productivity with the introduction of double pallet handling attachments. This has enabled forklifts to pick-up double the payload each trip, decreasing the time taken to unload raw materials, whilst doubling output of delivered goods as delivery trucks are loaded to capacity faster.

This also reduces company expenses as fewer trips are needed for loading and unloading operations reducing fuel consumption amongst units.

forklift lifting beer kegs

I’m running out of storage space, is there an easy way to increase it?

In addition to standard materials handling units, Adaptalift are able to provide a number of narrow-aisle or high reach solutions that allow for extra storage space and therefore more inventory to be stored maximising available space.

Rather than having to move to a larger premises with units that can reach up to 11 metres high or units that can operate in narrow aisles Adaptalift’s solutions allow for the installation of extra racking or higher racking increasing storage space whilst still being easily accessible.

narrow aisle forklift solution

My forklifts are constantly experiencing downtime for service and repairs…

Adaptalift’s industry leading fleet management and safety software ForkTrack can be custom installed on all units, the software is able to ensure all units are being utilised efficiently throughout the supply chain.

In depth reports provide real-time monitoring of all unit vital signs including (but not limited to) engine and battery performance, allowing management and decision makers to make informed decisions regarding the performance and maintenance of units.

Real-time reports enable timely maintenance to be carried out on units to ensure maximum uptime. It also identifies any problems ensuring they can be rectified before they become serious.

Cambridge Foods an international subsidiary of Walmart in South Africa was able to increase productivity and fleet efficiency greatly with the installation of fleet management software across their fleet.

We lift large and heavy loads regularly, is there a way I can increase safety?

As well as monitoring a unit’s vital signs and performance, ForkTrack is able to provide a number of safety features including speed limiting, impact detection, pre-start and shutdown checklists and operator ID controls. 

These features ensure that units are operated correctly and safely at all times, by qualified operators.

To assist operators lifting large irregular sized loads such as vats or kegs of beverages Hyster offers the option of a raised operator cabin. The module allows operators to sit higher in the air than when in a standard operator cabin ensuring they have a full view of their surrounds, this allows operators to see pedestrians and obstructions from behind tall or irregular loads easier.

Further benefits of the raised cabin include:

Forklift Raised Modules: Improved 360 degree view & visibility
The module raises the operator’s seat by 350mm, 454mm or 500mm depending on specification without affecting the units rated capacity. Operators have a clearer view around them as they are raised above the load they are carrying.

Improved unit access
Additional steps and grab handles ensure operators are able to access the raised cabin easily and safely.

Excellent access for servicing
Even though the cabin has been raised, it still offers the easy servicing with a one piece hinged side door offering access for battery removal and checks of the engine, harnesses, hoses and cables.

forklift raised cabin height differentail

raised cabin unit lifting drinks

For further information regarding any of the considerations mentioned in this blog please contact Adaptalift on 13 22 54 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Published By: Paul Hinz

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