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Introduction to Proper Tyne Care and Maintenance

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Tynes are one of the most critical parts on a materials handling unit, yet tyne maintenance is often overlooked. 

Due to the high volume of large loads tynes are repeatedly used to carry, proper maintenance and care is crucial.

Poorly maintained tynes can become dangerous, especially when lifting heavy loads up to substantial heights.

This blog is the first in a series looking at tyne care will provide ten examples of misuse and what to avoid so tynes are not damaged in the course of normal operations.

Further blogs will also look in-depth at tyne care and when and how to conduct a proper tyne inspection.

As an introduction to tyne care and maintenance Cascade Corporation 2014, provides a list of examples of misuse and what to avoid to prevent tyne damage.

  1. Do not overload tynes by picking up a load too far out on the tynes or by picking up loads heavier than the units rated load capacity.

  2. do not overload tyne

  3. Do not allow maintenance shops to bend tynes back into shape, weld on them or drill holes through them.
  4. Avoid adding attachments to the truck that stress the tynes.
  5. Do not use tynes to open rail car doors or to break loads out/away from other loads.
  6. Drum clamps and portable booms can be supported on the tynes, operators must be aware of what is contained in the drum or on the boom hook to avoid overloading.
  7. Tynes should not be used to pick up capacity loads not seated against the tyne shank or to pick up off-balanced loads far from the side of the truck.
  8. Avoid inserting the tyne tips under other fork trucks to lift them during maintenance operations.

  9. do not insert tynes under another forklift

    do not use tynes to pick up another forklift

  10. If a collision with a building or hard surface occurs, always inspect tynes to ensure no damage has occurred, even if there are no visible signs of damage.
  11. Do not apply excessive heat to any part of the tyne.
  12. Don’t overlook hooks that secure the tynes to the carriage.

With service and parts centres in six major cities along with regional centres and an extensive mobile fleet of technicians, Adaptalift is able to provide complete tyne solutions including supply and maintenance of all sized tynes.

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Published By: Paul Hinz

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