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Importance of Properly Lubricating Your Forklift

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Similar to how joint fluid allows humans to seamlessly and painlessly bend at joints such as elbows and knees, it is imperative that all moving mechanical parts of a forklift are greased regularly.

To gain maximum benefits it is essential to utilise a high quality grease rather than an oil to lubricate your forklift. Grease performs the same function as oil, however is thicker and longer lasting.

forklift lubrication grease

This blog looks at key reasons and the benefits of a properly greased forklifts.

Prevention of Parts Premature Wear and Tear
The most significant reason why it is imperative to properly lubricate a forklift with high quality grease is to prevent the premature wear and tear of mechanical parts.

Parts that must be lubricated include chains, pins and bushes and bearings.

forklift moving parts require lubrication

Without the protection of grease in between these moving parts eventually they will begin rubbing on each other, resulting in metal on metal friction which can rapidly degrade the integrity of both parts.

The prevention of premature parts wear and tear with grease has significant flow on benefits as discussed below:

Major Safety Implications
Properly greasing mechanical parts is imperative for safety, poorly maintained chains and bearings that have degraded over time due to lack of lubrication have a significantly higher chance of (unexpected) failure.

Depending on when the failure were to occur the resultant consequences can be severe or even fatal to operators, those in the vicinity, product and property.

An example of such a failure would be a mast chain breaking due to degradation whilst lowering a maximum capacity payload from a height.

Not only could the snapped chain potentially injure the operator or those around, the load can fall from a height resulting in damaged/lost product, injury or even death to anyone working in the vicinity.

forklift mast chains require regular grease lubrication

Better Operator Ergonomics
Properly greasing mechanical parts including wheel bearings and parts of the steering system, can provide a number of operator ergonomic benefits, including:

  • Smoother forklift movement can reduce operator fatigue across long shifts
  • Metal on metal part movement can potentially generate unwanted noise during operations, with proper lubrication moving part noise is greatly reduced significantly improving operator comfort throughout a shift

Operational Cost Savings
Properly greasing mechanical parts results in increased longevity of parts.

Prolonging the longevity of parts will provide on-going cost savings to owners and operators as they are not having to prematurely replace costly poorly maintained parts before their prescribed replacement date.

For more information on how to correctly lubricate your forklift, please contact your nearest Adaptalift branch on 13 22 54.

Published By: Paul Hinz

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