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Hyster H50CT Review – A Tough 2.5 Tonne Budget Forklift

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H50CT 2.5 Tonne Forklift

The H50CT is one of Hyster’s medium duty forklifts. When designing this forklift Hyster took into consideration five key principles: Reliability, Cost of Ownership, Serviceability, Ergonomics & Productivity. I believe the H50CT offers the best value for money for a medium duty application budget forklift.  Make no mistake; the H50CT is one tough forklift that delivers on all five principles.

Application Guidelines

Ideal for 80% of the standard applications on the market; the H50CT forklift is specifically designed for single shift work of around 6-8 hours per day. It suits most industries such as agricultural, general warehousing and distribution, beverage distribution and bottling, light manufacturing, or retail.

Here’s an overview of some of the key features that come standard with the H50CT:

Hyster Fuel Efficiency

H50CT forklift engineOne of the key areas that the H50CT delivers in is reducing the overall cost of ownership. A fuel efficient forklift means lower ongoing costs and better value for the owner. This forklift has a specially designed light weight frame and uses a very fuel efficient Mazda 2.2LP engine resulting in up to 12% fuel saving; compared to similar forklifts on the market.

ECO-elo, fuel saving mode

The H50CT comes standard with ECO-elo, fuel saving mode. This can be applied by a technician during service or before delivery. The mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 12%, by restricting engine RPM from 2,400 to 1,600. The mode also reduces top speeds from 20kph to 16 kph; without affecting lifting capacity. This speed reduction is also beneficial for improving safety by reducing turnovers and other accidents.

The total result is an average of up to 24% fuel saving in comparison to similar spec forklifts.  The bottom line is that the H50CT is one of the most fuel efficient forklifts on the market, saving you significant costs per year.

Full Suspension Seat

Full Suspension Forklift Seat.The H50CT comes standard with a full suspension seat. This seat is one of the best seats available on the market; with a fully adjustable design that significantly improves operator comfort and productivity. The seat reduces vibration and overall operator fatigue.

Hyster recognises that one of the biggest costs to your business is the productivity of your operators.  With a better seat your operator’s performance will be substantially better.

Load Backrest

The load backrest is bolted from the front, a simple but effective solution to reduce maintenance costs, as a side bolted backrest tends to get damaged during operation. 

Overhead Guard (OHG)

The H50CT comes with a specially designed high visibility overhead guard, ensuring operators have the best possible visibility. The figure 8 tubing configuration design narrows and angles the overhead guard tubing allowing for extra strength and visibility.  You really have to sit in the H50CT to understand just how good the visibility is.

The overhead guard is also bolted onto the main body of the forklift instead of being welded. This allows for easy replacement if any damage to the OHG occurs; compared to welded fitted OHG’s that require the entire forklift to be replaced.

Warning: Any dents, bends or warping of the OHG means that it needs to be replaced, as the OHG must meet load dropping weight standards to meet Australian law. 

Forklift Mast

H50CT Forklift MastThe mast is the most important part of the forklift. Hyster build some of the toughest masts in the industry with single piece rolled steel, heavy duty cross members & loader rollers canted at 3°, which provides improved rigidity.

The stronger mast allows the H50CT to lift heavier loads at greater heights than most of its competitors.

The mast is designed with high operator visibility in mind, with chains, pipes and hydraulics designed to minimise operator’s obstructions. 

The H50CT mast also features hydraulic cushioning which reduces product damage and cylinder wear when loading the mast.


Like all Hyster forklifts, the H50CT comes with one of the best cooling systems for medium duty applications in the industry.  The H50CT features a wide open counter-weight allowing for excellent airflow and heat reduction. This ensures the H50CT will run longer with reduced downtime.

The H50CT also features a serpentine radiator designed for maximised air flow; keeping the engine cooler and more efficient.


H50CT- Forklift LightsMany dealers and manufacturers attempt to make a profit from customers via small part replacement costs. Hyster has instead focused on ensuring lower cost of ownership with high mounted encased lights that are moulded to fit the overhead guard. The high mounted position of the lights significantly reduces the chance of damage occurring, resulting in lower ongoing costs.

Operator Presence System (OPS)

For a budget forklift, the H50CT also delivers on safety, with an OPS system as standard. The system ensures operators can’t operate hydraulic functions without being seated.

Hyster Stability Mechanism (HSM)

Hyster HSM comes standard with the H50CT, offering the unit with advanced stability and control. The system is completely sealed and maintenance free.


If you’re big on safety or you want fleet reporting, then consider adding our patented ForkTrack safety & fleet system; which is exclusive to Adaptalift Hyster.

ForkTrack is the most advanced safety and fleet management system in the world, built and developed in house to specifically suit the needs of the forklift industry.

The system features seat belt interlock, driver identification, impact detection, impact shutdown, handbrake interlock and transmission control, daily check lists as standard; and live reporting with emails being sent direct to designated managers. For more information visit our ForkTrack page, and contact us today for a free demo.

You can add ForkTrack to your H50CT for as little as $20 extra per week. The results will be reduced equipment damage and improved operator productivity, with detailed reporting on operator performance and equipment.

H50CT Conclusion:

The H50CT is a durable truck that provides maximum value for a lower cost. The unit is ideally suited for most medium one shift applications. The H50CT has been designed to have lower maintenance costs than its competitors. A light weight frame and fuel efficient engine help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, and protected lights and advanced cooling reduce downtime. The forklift offers superior ergonomics with a high visibility overhead guard, full suspension seat, lower step and easy 3 point entry.

I hope this review of the H50CT is useful. If you are interested book a demo today and find out for yourself how good the H50CT is. Let us know what you think of the H50CT! Comment below. Thanks for reading.

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