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Hyster Forklift’s and the Timber Industry

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Hyster has a long association with the timber industry globally.

The association has been built on Hyster’s superior reliability when working in difficult conditions in timber production facilities, saw mills and timber yards.

Hyster’s diverse range of forklifts cater to all materials handling requirements for timber businesses with small electric trucks for indoor warehousing and storage operations right up to rugged big trucks able to operate outside in timber yards no matter the weather conditions.

This blog explores reasons why Hyster forklifts are ideally suited for the timber industry.

Increased Visibility
Timber operations require forklifts need to navigate across a variety of surfaces (indoors/outdoors/concrete/dirt) as well as dodging obstacles such as employees, plant equipment and raw or manufactured materials.

To provide maximum operator visibility Hyster forklifts for timber operations are designed and engineered with the air intakes and exhausts positioned on the rear counterweight providing operators with unobstructed views.

Hyster patented Vista Cab (available on forklifts 8T and above) is specifically designed for maximum visibility. The Vista cab’s extensive glass windows provide optimum all-around visibility for the driver, whilst the clever overhead guard design creates a panoramic upward view.

Hyster forklift offers superior visbility for timber operations

Heavy Duty Cooling
Outdoor conditions in timber yards are some of the harshest environments for forklifts to operate in, with extensive dirt, dust and extreme weather factors.

With Hyster’s superior cooling system design and engineering and optimum temperature controls for critical engine and hydraulic oils ensure units operate effectively no matter the conditions.

Fuel Economy
Hyster forklifts contribute to lower cost of ownership with superior fuel efficiency even when units are operated 24/7. With efficient usage owners will enjoy increased fuel economy from Hyster’s fuel saving features installed on all units.

During operations operators are subject to many outside influences including noise, vibration, weather and dust. The superior design of Hyster’s operator cabins, including Vista cabs on the big truck range ensure operator comfort for the length of their shift.
Ergonomic features include:

  • Fully adjustable suspension seat
  • Standard cabin fan with optional climate control systems
  • Cabin mounted on anti-vibration isolators to reduce noise and vibrations

Through the intense operating time cycles of the timber industry easy servicing is essential to ensure maximum unit up-time. Hyster’s manual or electric tilt cab design provides easy access to essential components for servicing.

Hyster also uses smart engine technology to provide longer service intervals as well as leading components to reduce faults and failures.

easy service access

With space at a premium in timber yards the manoeuvrability of Hyster trucks provide operators with the necessary precise and nimble movements required when handling long loads amongst obstacles.

Hyster is able to supply forklifts with a range of attachments to increase the abilities of their forklift fleet. Spreader bar attachments offer improved stability when carrying long loads increasing productivity and safety in timber yards. 

forklift spreader bar for long long timber loads

Forktrack Fleet Management
Adaptalift’s Forktrack fleet management software is the industry leading telematics and safety system for the timber industry.

The system provides a number of safety features such as impact detection, safety warnings (seatbelt) and operator ID controls to ensure forklift fleets are operated to the highest safety standards.

Telemetry data also provides management with information regarding the performance of all units in a fleet (fuel economy, battery life), allowing for early recognition and solving of problems whilst also allowing for scheduled maintenance planning preventing unforeseen breakdowns.

Forktrack fleet management and telemetry for timber industry

Click here to read how Hyster forklifts are assisting Gunnersen’s a leading Australian supplier of wooded panels, timber and decorative materials with their materials handling requirements or to discuss your timber handling needs contact an Adaptalift team member on 13 22 54 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
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Published By: Paul Hinz

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