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High Capacity Forklifts the Multipurpose Container Handling Solution

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Following on from our previous container handling blog post looking at ReachStackers, in this blog post we look at an alternative container handling solution of multipurpose high capacity forklifts.

Approximately 75% of 20’ ISO containers in use around the world today are fitted with fork pockets. These fork pockets will allow a high capacity forklift to lift the container (as long as the unit is capacity rated to lift the load) on its tynes without the use of any specialist lifting attachment. 

The multipurpose nature of a high capacity forklift makes these units the ideal container handling solution for businesses that have a diverse range of materials handling needs. The forklift has the flexibility to handle containers when the need arises, but can also be used to handle general materials when there are no containers requiring moving (some things to consider before using for general materials handling: Can the tynes fit safely to pick up the load? Are there any restrictions on the operation of the forklift such as can it fit in the area required to handle materials, is the ground rated high enough to support the weight of the forklift?).

The flexibility of high capacity forklifts provides three points for lower cost of ownership:

  1. The lack for the need of any specialist lifting attachments.
  2. The forklift can always be used, as it doesn’t have to be left idle when there are no containers to move.
  3. Owners will not have to purchase a separate forklift to complete normal materials handling operations, which would be the case if they owned a ReachStacker or un/laden container handler which are unable to move normal pallets.

Adaptalift Hyster has a complete range of high capacity forklifts starting from 8 tonnes right up to 48 tonnes to handle your entire container handling needs.

big truck range

Hyster high capacity forklifts are known for their industry leading features including:

high capacity forklift

Advantages of a Hyster High Capacity Forklift

Power and Performance

With the Cummin’s Diesel Engines Stage meeting both stringent Stage IIIA and IIIB emissions legislation around the world, Hyster has a forklift solution no matter the legislations in your location.

Class Leading Ergonomics

The cab has been designed to offer an industry-leading ergonomic operator environment, and focuses on maximising driver comfort and visibility for maximum levels of productivity during the operating cycle.

Rugged Front-End Construction Matches Application Requirements

All Hyster forklift trucks are equipped with heavy duty Vista masts to handle all types of loads.

Fast Machine for Maximum Productivity

The hydraulic system is highly efficient, and features ‘Power on Demand’ by means of ‘Variable Displacement Pump(s) (VDP). The result is class leading lifting speeds with the practical 4-mode average lifting speed a fantastic 0.40m-0.52m per second depending on payload.

Strength and Stability

Excellent stability boosts operator confidence and truck versatility, making Hyster high capacity forklifts suitable for even the harshest conditions and applications.

Easy Serviceability

Hyster forklifts are renowned for their ease of maintenance. The truck is easily accessible with unobstructed access to the engine compartment and conveniently located service check points.

For further information and to view the entire range of Hyster high capacity forklifts please visit our website.

Published By: Paul Hinz

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