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Getting Your Warehouse Organised for the busy Christmas Period

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With the Christmas period around the corner, this blog focuses on how companies can get their warehouses organised in time and ensure safety for all their employees.

There are several improvements that can be made in warehouses to host better efficiency and more safety. Improvements such as signs, industrial markers, shelving, protective wear, materials handling equipment and stationery all contribute to safety for employees as well as improved efficiency in the warehouse.


Signs offer one of the quickest and easiest ways of communicating with employees and visitors. Signs can be used to warn people about potential dangers, encourage a clean and safe workplace, assert mandatory instructions, indicate the location of emergency supplies and prevent accidents through the use of warning or prohibition signs.

People can also be easily directed with factory and site signs, fire safety signs, traffic signs, floor marking signs and exit signs. Ensuring all your signage is current and legible is important prior to busy periods where there will be an increase in not only the number of employees but also stock levels and efficiency requirements within the warehouse.

sign horn


Shelving allows companies to store stock, supplies and other items correctly. This simplifies processes and reduces the potential for danger and accidents whilst also increasing efficiency. Shelving keeps stock off the ground, eliminates trip hazards and can make things easier to find, all of which improves workplace productivity when congestion is apparent.


Protective Wear

Protective wear safeguards people from hazards within the workplace. By law certain protective wear must be supplied by companies and the quality of their protective wear is extremely important. High visibility vests are vital within warehouses, for both employees and visitors. Therefore, it is important to replace protective clothing where necessary to ensure you are prepared for the Christmas period.  You must also ensure that any new or casual staff members have the correct protective wear for this period.

Protective wear

Materials Handling Equipment

Warehouses can experience an insurgent amount of stock during the Christmas period. Organising materials handling equipment to transfer this stock prior to the increase in business is important. By being prepared and having ample equipment, efficiency can be increased and safety can be improved. Employees engaging in heavy lifting manually can cause both harm to the employee and the business.



Stationery can make organisation a lot easier with the ability to colour-code, file, record, highlight, scribe, stick, label, bind and tidy. Industrial marker pens are also a cheap and easy way for companies to organise or communicate within the warehouse. There are new inks, paints and pens available, specifically designed to perform in outdoor or indoor environments, and permanently or temporarily mark some of the most difficult surfaces or materials. A range of colours allows for aesthetic appeal or helps with colour coding.





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