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Free Forklift Safety and Prestart Checklist

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Free Forklift Safety & Prestart Checklist

When performing a forklift safety check, what exactly should you be looking for? We’ve spoken about this before in a previous blog post, but we thought we’d make it easier for you, so we’re giving away a free forklift safety and prestart checklist that you can print out, make copies of, and distribute throughout your workplace. You could even keep a few in the back seat pocket of each forklift.

This handy checklist offers tips on what to check during pre-start and what to check when operating the forklift. Hopefully this makes your workplace that little bit safer and your operators more aware of what to look out for. Click the link below to download the checklist, which is A5 in size. Print it on A4 paper and cut it in half.

Download Now

Let us know in the comments what you think and if you find this useful.

Happy lifting!

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