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ForkSafe - Health, Safety & Environment Program

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On the 26th & 27th of October our OH&S team, in conjunction with the  Australian Industry Group launched the first Health, Safety & Environment training program known as ForkSafe. The program was developed over many months to educate our employees about the environment and occupational health & safety issues in our workplace. After the completion of the Forksafe course, our employees will be fully equipped with the knowledge to integrate practices and procedures into their day-to-day activities.

The environment and workplace safety is a major concern to us and the reason why we strive continuously to improve and train our staff on the newest processes and procedures. Many people and businesses are still unaware or take a blind eye to this growing issue, and both employees and employers must take responsibility to make workplaces safer and more eco-friendly. Some key aspects include:

Launching the ForkSafe program has benefited our workplace greatly. The Forksafe course was a huge success resulting in many improvements to our workplace including:

  • A clearer understanding of employee/employer rolls and duties in the workplace.

  • The proper process and procedures that need to be introduced and practiced.

  • Opening up communication channels between management and employees.   

A word from our OH&S Coordinator, Gursley Tour   

Overall I thought the program went very well. I was very impressed with a few key aspects of the program including:

  • The power point as it was very interactive including great participation during the Q&A.

  • Videos were linked in quite well with the overall program content.

The best part of the program was the number of opportunities everyone had to participate & share their own personal views on these issues. This gave us a broad insight into our employees experiences, so that we can better implement these new strategies moving forward.

The environment and workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility whether your workplace is in an office, factory or on the road. Everyone should take it upon themselves to make their workplace the best it can be. You can make a difference:

1.        Get started on OH&S at your workplace.

2.        Learn about Environmental impact.


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