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Forklift Safety Tips from Adaptalift

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Occupational health and safety (OH&S) continues to be the number one priority for owners and operators when operating materials handling units and fleets.

To assist our customers in providing the highest standards of safety in recent months Adaptalift has increased and enhanced our safety accessory offerings.

This blog will look at some of the forklift safety accessories available.

Forklift Pre-start Checklists
Separate checklists are offered for battery electric and combustion engine models, pre-start checklists are an essential safety accessory.

Each individual unit within a fleet should have its own corresponding checklist book.

The checklist guides operators through a list of essential safety checks to ensure safe forklift operation that should be conducted at the beginning of each shift.

Checklists allow any faults or potential problems to be documented for referral to fleet managers or owners for any necessary repairs to be undertaken.

The daily recording of forklift performance and faults also provides the opportunity for proactive maintenance to be carried out as trends with unit performance develop over time.

forklift safety pre-start checklist

Forklift Safety Stickers
One of the easiest ways to improve safety for operators and workers operating alongside forklifts and machinery is to provide visual warnings.

Visual warnings such as stickers placed in strategic locations on units provide instant safety advice to viewers.

Adaptalift’s forklift safety decals include essential warning, danger and responsibility stickers that can be used on a variety of machines to provide instant visual information to anyone viewing.

They are a cheap and inexpensive way to improve safety and maintenance of units.

forklift safety stickers

360 Degree Camera Systems
When lifting loads above 6m in height it is very difficult for a seated forklift driver looking upwards to correctly judge movements and the positioning.

Such moves can often result in damaged goods/equipment or much worse operator or pedestrian injuries from falling goods.

Installing a specialist camera system enables operators to know exactly where their tynes are positioned when operating in high racking.

In partnership with Speedshield Technologies Adaptalift offers our new Invision 360 degree surround view monitoring system.

The surround view feature increases awareness of surroundings preventing damage to product, infrastructure and unsafe interaction between pedestrians and mobile equipment through reduced blind spots.

Invision 360° provides a more cost effective solution to OE offerings with the benefits of surround view, obtained by stitching images from 4 wide-angle cameras mounted on the front, back, left and right.

forklift camera safety system

Forklift Safety Cages
Work platforms and safety cages provide opportunities for the safe maximisation of available floor and vertical storage space.

The platform or cage allows the lifting and retrieval of loads from vertical heights opening up a wide variety of new storage options to operators once floor space is all used up.

When utilised correctly platforms and cages offer superior safety and can replace ladders and also eliminate the need to purchase expensive cherry pickers or EWP’s.

Workers can safely attach themselves via a harness to work at elevated heights.

Partnering with leading forklift attachment manufacturers and suppliers Adaptalift is able to offer a wide variety of high quality safety cages to our customers to provide safety at elevated heights enabling full maximisation of available storage space.

forklift safety cage

Safety Strobe Lights
Pedestrian safety is paramount in warehouse settings where there are shared pathways.

Whilst most forklifts come fitted with some standard safety lights, a blue strobe light is a great safety accessory to add, greatly enhancing the visibility of oncoming forklifts to pedestrians.

A blue strobe light projects a large intense spotlight up to 20 feet in front of an operational forklift, alerting nearby traffic to its presence.

Blue strobe lights are particularly useful to warn of a forklift approaching a blind corner or when entering or exiting a trailer, container or storage facility.

Adaptalift Rapidparts program offers a wide variety of safety lighting options at affordable prices.

The high quality after-market parts can be easily fitted to most types of units to enhance visibility and safety.

forklift safety strobe light

Our growing range of available safety accessories including those mentioned in this blog show Adaptalift Group’s commitment to continually provide the highest standard of safety accessories to our customers.

For further information on any of the safety accessories mentioned in this blog contact us on 13 22 54 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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