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Forklift battery regeneration vs. purchasing a new battery

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Steve Yates; Adaptalift Hyster’s Motive Power Product Specialist has shared some important tips for those considering regenerating a second hand forklift battery or purchasing a new one.  See what Steve had to say below. 

What is Battery regeneration?

All Forklift batteries begin to sulphate from the day they are manufactured. The normal operation of cycling (charging and discharging) the battery results in more sulphates building up on the plates; this is a result of charging technology not being 100% efficient. After each charge, tiny sulphates are left unconverted; this slowly builds up not allowing the battery to accept full charge due to the resistance of the sulphates. Over time, what was an 8hr charge from 80% discharged can become a 3-4hr charge. This is because the charger reads voltage and resistance results in higher voltages thus tricking the charger into thinking the battery is fully charged. The charger switches off before the battery has even gassed on a lot of occasions; leaving the battery with not much more capacity than it had prior to going on charge. The battery is then always placed back into service with complaints that it does not last.

Previously these batteries would have to be replaced; now we can remove the sulphates from the plates and return capacity to the battery effectively increasing the life span.

Battery Regeneration unit
One of our battery regeneration units.

Is it more cost effect to refurbish or buy a new battery?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself a few questions like;

  • What weights am I lifting?
  • How long do I use the fork per day/week?
  • Am I prepared to keep up the maintenance on the battery to ensure the recovered capacity is not prematurely lost?
  • How long do I want the battery to last (months/years) before I replace it with a new one?

If a secondhand regenerated battery is the correct option for your requirement the savings can be substantial.

Battery regeneration vs new battery
Our battery division is more than happy to work through your requirement and provide a solution.

If you would like to know more about Battery Regeneration or Adaptalift Hyster’s battery division feel free to contact us through our website. 

If you have any comments about forklift regeneration batteries or would like further information published on this service/technology please leave them below.

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