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Forklift Anti-Corrosion Solutions

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Some industries which include food and chemical require the strictest hygiene and safety standards, particularly when it comes to materials handling.

For these industries it is paramount that no foreign objects enter the production lines at any stage. This includes by-products from materials handling units most notably rust particles, which can contaminate food products and also contribute to potentially dangerous reactions amongst volatile chemicals.

This blog post looks at anti-corrosion solutions Adaptalift can incorporate into its industry leading materials handling units, allowing owners and operators to still meet their strict hygiene and safety standards.

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Freezer (Condensation) Protection
For forklifts that operate in freezers or where water is a potential work hazard protective grease is applied to all connectors to ensure that no water or condensation can get in and begin to corrode metal components.

If the connections become corroded they will need to be immediately replaced, ignoring this can lead to connectivity issues resulting in an unsafe unit to operate.

Solid Belly Pans and Drive Axle Covers
Units are supplied with solid belly pans to minimise the ingress of water to the underside of the truck. This measure again prevents water from entering and beginning to corrode metal components under the unit.

All drive axles are supplied with rubber covers to minimise the ingress of water, preventing the important axles from corroding and needing to be replaced.

Without the solid belly pan water ingress can lead to major issues with a units function in particular with battery electric models where electrocution may occur.

Corroded drive axles need to be replaced immediately as this can have a severe negative impact on the operation of the forklift endangering the lives of operators and pedestrians especially if the unit cannot be steered correctly.

Tilt Cylinder Gaiters
All tilt cylinder rods are fitted with gaiters to protect from corrosion. Again this is to protect from the ingress of water and humidity to prevent corrosion.

If corrosion occurs this will affect the masts tilt ability, meaning loads may not be securely or safely secured when they are being moved on the tynes depending on the masts tilt position.

Fishery Protective Paint
All units are painted with specialist protective paint that provides protection to the forklift body from corrosion. This is particularly important for the food or chemical industries where rust flakes from the body of a forklift in operation and may lead to particles contaminating food or entering the chemical production process.

Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts
All installed nuts and bolts are manufactured with from the highest quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion, this ensures that no critical bolts securing large and heavy parts such as the mast will fail and potentially damage property, equipment or employees.

Rust Proof Lift Chain
Rust proof lift chains ensure a forklift mast operation will not be compromised by a corroded (weakened) lift chain.

A corroded lift chain may lose its structural integrity and fail under the stress of lifting heavy loads endangering property, equipment and employees safety.

forklift anti-corrosion solutions

This week’s blog has outlined six measures Adaptalift offers to forklift owners and operators who wish to combat the negative effects of corrosion.

For more information or to discuss a suitable anti-corrosion solution please contact your nearest Adaptalift branch on 13 22 54.

Published By: Paul Hinz

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