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Cold Storage Materials Handling

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In conjunction with Adaptalift’s specialist handling solutions blog back in November late last year, we discussed the benefits of flameproof and multi-load handling.

This blog will look at another specialist application in the supply of materials handling solutions, more specifically working in the cold storage industry.

When it comes to operating a cold storage warehouse, the challenge is to maintain the correct temperature, whilst keeping personnel and equipment warm enough to perform at optimal capacity.

As cold storage continues to grow, the industry needs strategic solutions that keep the product cold and prevent the operating costs from heating up. A key consideration for operators of cold storage facilities is the high running costs.

Operators are looking for more efficient set ups, that allow them to maximise available storage space.

The cold storage variant of the Aisle-Master forklift is not only designed and engineered to operate in extremely cold temperatures but can also provide up to 50% more storage due to its narrow aisle operating ability.

The Aisle-Master narrow aisle forklift available from Adaptalift is an industry leading solution. Due to the ingenious articulated design the forks of an Aisle-Master forklift are able to not only rotate a full 180 degrees but over-articulate up to 205 degrees, all without the rear-swing of a normal counter-balance truck.

aislemaster articulated mast

This ability that allows only the tines to move means that warehouse racking doesn’t need to be widely spaced to accommodate a larger counterbalance forklift. Due to the Aisle-Master’s ability to operate in smaller racking aisles, companies are able to fit more racking into their warehouses offering extra space for more storage.

aislemaster racking comparison

The Aisle-Master is available in LPG and BE models with a maximum capacity of 2,000kg, and maximum lift heights ranging all the way up to 15m.

To operate reliably in the harsh cold storage environment Aisle Master offers factory modifications to its standard Aisle-Master, these include:

  • All breathers on the unit are replaced with a cold storage spec breather that prevents moisture build-up. This is imperative as during down time when the unit is not in a cold environment (end of shift or during battery changeover) condensation can turn into water and adversely affect the units electronic doing damage to the unit and also posing safety risks to operators.
  • Non-vented sidesteps are also installed to ward off moisture build up.
  • Hydraulic fluid is Freezer Spec Wax Free 32 Grade oil.
  • All exposed hoses are replaced with freezer spec equivalents as normal hoses fail in extreme temperatures.

As well as the above listed modifications, the Aisle-Master cabin can be fully heated and enclosed to ensure operators are kept warm and safe in the extreme conditions. Seats, controls and even windows are also heated inside the cabin, to ensure operators have clear sight and comfort during long shifts.

cold storage forklift

If you are interested in any of our specialist capabilities including cold storage operations for your materials handling fleet please contact your local Adaptalift Hyster representative to comprehensively discuss your requirements on 1300 735 338.


Published By: Paul Hinz

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