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Benefits of Short Term Forklift Rental

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Constantly evolving business operations and/or unforeseen circumstances often lead to changes in a business’s materials handling equipment (MHE) requirements.

With a greater demand for flexibility businesses are increasingly seeking to utilise short-term rental (STR) forklifts to fill any gaps in their MHE fleet.

This week’s blog looks at reasons why businesses should consider STR forklifts and how businesses can benefits from STR agreements.

short term forklift rental

‘Try Before You Buy’
A great reason to consider an STR forklift deal is it provides businesses the opportunity to try before they buy.

The STR period provides potential owners real-time opportunities to utilise and experience the forklifts capabilities and ensure that the unit will be fit for purpose.

Instead of outlaying large amounts of capital on an untested unit (which the business then owns) even though it may not be fit for purpose, businesses are able to confirm the unit is the best available solution to their MHE requirements whilst paying a reasonable rental rate.

Unforeseen Breakdowns
The unfortunate reality for all forklift owners is that all units no matter how well maintained have the potential to unexpectedly breakdown.

Depending on the timeframe needed to complete repairs, businesses may look to fill the temporary void with an STR unit.

In these instances STR units are invaluable as they allow businesses to continue normal operations without being impacted by the unit downtime and once the repairs have been completed the STR unit is returned and the businesses owned forklift returns to normal duties.

short term forklift rental during breakdown

One off Unique Deliveries/Seasonal Workloads
STR forklifts are the ideal solution for businesses that receive one off unique deliveries and/or increased seasonal workloads.

Similar to the above mentioned ‘try before you buy’ benefit if a business receives one off deliveries such as a container every six months or annually, rather than outlaying capital and owning a unit for these deliveries businesses can utilise an STR unit for the short period of time needed to move/unload the container only when necessary.

This not only saves on capital outlay but it also means an owned unit is not sitting idle depreciating value for the best part of six months or a year when not being utilised.
Industries that experience seasonal increase seasonal demand such as fruit growers during harvest season to move product can again utilise STR units across the busy period and then return the units during the off-season.

seasonal short term forklift rental

Known Costs
When engaging in an STR agreement a major benefit to businesses is the fees for the rental are known upfront when signing the contract, there are no hidden fees or costs associated with the deal (unless a unit is misused and/or damaged).

Businesses know how much the entirety of the agreement will cost them and can plan accordingly.

Another benefits is that often in most STR agreements maintenance of the unit is covered within the agreement, thus the business renting the unit is not liable for any maintenance costs.

To meet the increased demand for STR forklifts, Adaptalift Group has recently added a significant number and variety of well-maintained forklifts to our national STR fleet, offering businesses a wide variety of unit types and price points to find the ideal STR unit to meet requirements.

We are pleased to offer these units at special prices that are updated frequently; the latest STR availability and pricing specials can be viewed here.

Alternatively you can contact your nearest Adaptalift Group branch to discuss a tailored STR solution on 13 22 54 or by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Published By: Paul Hinz

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