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Automated Guided Vehicles and Forklifts - Automotive and Print Industries

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In this series final post detailing the benefits of automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) or forklifts, we look at the automotive and printing industries.

Automotive Industry

AGV’s can ensure the safe handling and movement of expensive and large components in the automotive industry.

automated guided vehicles/forklfits automotive industries
Powertrain Manufacturing Plants

  • AGV’s can transport all raw materials to machining centres, then on transport machined parts to assembly lines
  • AGV’s can transport all but in particular fragile assembled components to packaging facilities
  • Automated carts of custom sizes for handling components of any size

Stamping Plants

  • Transporting blank raw materials to stamping lines
  • Transport stamped parts to assembly or welding facilities
  • Transport fully assembled parts to holding or shipping areas
  • Die handling

Assembly Plants

  • Transport large body panels from holding or receiving areas to welding facilities
  • Transporting components and parts between main and sub assembly lines
  • Transporting production components to staging areas

Printing Industry

The automated movement of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods by AGV’s allows the printing industry to maximise productivity, while eliminating product damage and improving safety.

automated guided vehicles/forklift printing industry
Paper Warehouse

  • Pickup and identification of rolls at receiving or from storage areas
  • High density storage and retrieval of rolls
  • Transport of reels to/from prep stations

Reel Room

  • Transport from reel prep to buffer storage
  • Storage and retrieval into multilevel intermediate rack positions
  • Handling of partial and butt rolls
  • Delivery of reels to presses from buffer storage

At the Press

  • Automatic reel loading
  • Removal of waste material and cores

Work In-Progress

  • Just-in-time delivery of WIP pallets to point of use
  • Transport of print reels from the press to storage
  • Delivery of print reels to the bindery
  • Handling of signature pallets from the pressroom to storage
  • Delivery of signature pallets to finishing and bindery

Mailroom and Packaging Centre

  • Pick up and identification of pallets at receiving
  • Storage and retrieval of pallets in multi-level racking
  • Delivery of pallets to point of use
  • Pickup of pallets from palletiser and stretch wrap machine’s
  • Staging of finished pallets at the shipping dock
  • Automatic trailer loading

This week’s blog has demonstrated the multitude of uses of AGV’s in the automotive and printing industries, maximising productivity, reducing product damage and improving overall safety.


Published By: Paul Hinz

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