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Australian Forklift Statistics – Wholesale Bookings (Source AITA 2014-15)

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Almost five years have passed since we last provided a snap shot of the materials handling industry up until 2011. This blog will provide information on the last two completed year of 2014-15.

From industry statistics provided by the Australian Industrial Truck Association (AITA), it is shown that whilst overall orders are down compared to the previous levels of 2011, orders have increased from 2014-15.

AITA wholesale booking 2005-11

2015 started off slowly but orders increased and remained steady for the second half of the year. Orders peaked in the months of May and June, which is often attributed to businesses wanting to take advantage of end of financial year incentives.

AITA wholesale bookings 2014-15

AITA unit type comparisons 2014-15

The table above shows a detailed breakdown of the types of units that have been ordered each year. The data shows an increasing trend towards the ordering of battery electric units over combustion units.

This trend may be attributed to company’s looking to have less environmental impact through their operations with diesel or petrol engines or taking advantage of the running cost savings of battery electric units.

gas vs battery electric forklift orders

Looking at the buying decisions of company’s it is again overall the combustion engine forklifts in the 1.8T – 3T classifications are the most popular unit types sold in both 2014 and 15, with just over a quarter of all orders in 2014 and just under a quarter of all orders in 2015.

Powered pallet trucks are the most popular battery electric units across the two years with almost double the amount of orders of their nearest rival unit type in both years.

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Published By: Paul Hinz

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