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An Interview with Jason Ko

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This week we provide you with a sneak peak of our recent interview with Jason Ko featured in our Technology edition of Uptime. Jason Ko is the Managing Director of Speedshield Technologies and we recently had the pleasure to interview him regarding what makes the people behind the company tick.

Speedhshield staff

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Jason; can you tell us a bit about Speedshield and what it is the company does?

Speedshield is a tech company – software, IT, electronics, hardware design and development all rolled into a commercial solution. Our focus to date has been on safety tech and telemetry tech in the industrial equipment industry, primarily forklifts. However, we do many other exciting things that are less known.

The real big-ticket item is our new telemetry tech, which gives equipment users the ability to monitor their forklift fleet productivity. We are talking utilisation and operator performance data streaming in near real time to business intelligence reporting systems. This allows users to look at their costs and work out how to drive them down. The total solution is very elegant.

You must have a great bunch of knowledgeable people within the company. Can you describe who they are and what motivates them?

We are very much a Gen Y workforce, passionate in the technology space. When I say Gen Y, I mean attitude, not age! There is always a buzz of ideas on how to tackle a problem, quite a friendly conflict, but it is always welcome in the quest of producing the next best thing.

I think our staff are satisfied through the company’s ability to allow innovation to foster and having an applied commercial outlet.  Good work is better when you can see the results have real impact.

telemetry forktrack

It sounds like the future is exciting for Speedshield, where do you see the company heading in the next five years?

Following our five-year plan, we will grow our business off the back of OEM equipment agreements and new retail fleet management opportunities, which we are putting the business case together for. We will always maintain a 20% non-commercial budget to keep innovation going. It is definitely an exciting time.

What advice would you give someone who is looking at installing a telemetry device on their fleet?

Look at value and not cost. The ROI on a well-executed telemetry solution is near immediate. Do not get caught up in the products features, look at the overall solution and how that will practically benefit you in the areas of safety and operating cost reductions. The key is to stick with it, it is certainly the way of the future and if it is not working out, either you have the wrong product or you are looking at it the wrong way.

speedshield china

For the full version of this interview visit page 27 of our Uptime Magazine.


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