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Adaptalift TV - Hyster Vista Cab Overview

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Episode 2 of Adaptalift TV provides an overview of Hyster’s industry leading Vista Cab. It will also look at the numerous operator benefits offered.

Full Video Transcript

Welcome to episode 2 of Adaptalift TV.

In today’s episode we will take a look at Hyster’s industry leading Vista Cab, providing an overview of key features and operator benefits offered.

The Vista Cab comes standard to the Hyster big truck range.

Today we are looking at the cabin of a 20 tonne big truck.

Access to the cab is easy thanks to the wide opening doors and low mounted running boards.

As you can see the Vista cab’s extensive glass windows provide optimum all-around visibility for the driver. 

The clever overhead guard design creates a panoramic upward view.

The dash setup is to the right of the drivers chair so forward visibility is unobstructed.

The sloping design of the hood and counterweight allows for excellent rearward visibility.

The vista cab provides industry leading operator comfort, thanks to a fully adjustable suspension seat, including arm rests, high backrest and safety belt.

The seat arm rest houses the integrated controls for lift/tilt/side-shift and other auxiliary functions. The controls are designed to ensure smooth and effortless operation of all joystick and levers.

Coming standard with a cabin fan and optional extras such as air-conditioning and heating, (climate control systems also available) this ensures operators are able to work in any weather conditions.

The spacious uncluttered rubber floor ensures the cabin is easy to clean and provides solid grip preventing any chance of slipping.

The cabin is mounted on anti-vibration isolators that help to reduce cabin noise and minimise the effects of road-born shocks and vibration.

The power assisted steering column is adjustable in both height and angle.

An automotive style pedal layout, based on the pedals in a car, provide easy operation.

As previously mentioned the conveniently positioned dash display provides visual and audible warnings as well as displays for readings such as fuel level, hour meter and battery charge.

The Vista cab is extremely well lit with an extensive internal and external lighting kit allowing for uninterrupted night time operation.

Thank-you for watching our short video demonstrating the key features as to why Hyster’s Vista Cab is the industry leader.

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Thank-you for watching Adaptalift TV.


Published By: Paul Hinz

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