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Adaptalift Flyers Go Around The Bay In A Day

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Written by Jerome Nehrybecki

Around The Bay In A Day Team

Around the Bay in a Day is an annual highlight of Melbourne’s great charity cycling events and this year it raised just over $900,000 for The Smith Family. The event starred yet again 30 cyclists representing Adaptalift Hyster for this great cause.

Port Melbourne

The first 20km starting at 5.30am in the dark! The anticipation and the adrenalin pumping!  Concentration levels are on high alert to avoid crashing into bollards/witches hats/hard road shoulders let alone the myriad of other excited cyclists around you. 


Reaching Geelong is the first milestone as far as distance is concerned - roughly 80km had been covered. The next leg to Leopold & Queenscliff is an easterly direction with the advantage of the South Westerly wind. Departing Geelong feels easier pedalling along holding a comfortable 45 kph. “Yeh Ha bring it on!”  This is such a high point after dealing with that wretched head wind previously.


The wind on Geelong road had fragmented the bunch so much so that it was difficult to know who was where. The Queenscliff Ferry was in our sights. During this section we were confronted with literally a whole house overtaking us complete with roof on the back of a semi trailer. This must have looked hilarious!

Queenscliff 9.50am - halfway

Made the 10.00am ferry cut-off by just a few minutes. The ferry seats are bliss compared to balancing on a bicycle seat! The lunch pack sandwich tastes fantastic (sometimes I think the organisers could put a dead rat in between 2 pieces of bread and it would still taste great).


Back onto that seat again, and the wind is now on our back left shoulder. The views over the turquoise water here are breathtaking. The flowing undulations of this part of the road are like being on a rollercoaster ride after the flat Geelong road. The top of Jacksons Hill, Mount Martha is the steepest gradient of the whole event.

Jacksons Hill

At this regroup point we discuss the differing levels of pain, which is dulled by the thought of being only 60km from the finish point. The on ride discussions dwindle somewhat as most riders are just trying to overcome the mental and physical exhaustion.


The Heavens opened up again – more rain! The next final leg to Port Melbourne was not fun with a 40 knot Westerly wind. It was a struggle just to hold a straight line on the road. Finally we made our destination. Arrival time was 2.50pm, after roughly 7hrs 45mins in the saddle.

With the completion of the day bringing immense relief and a huge sense of achievement and ahh the joy of the amber liquid refreshments.  Another great day riding the Bay in a Day.

Congratulations to all the gutsy Adaptalift Hyster team riders for sharing in the team spirit and conquering this mighty ride yet again!

Looking forward to next year!!! How about you?

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