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Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Unit Showcase

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Very narrow aisle (VNA) is a warehouse layout design to maximise the utilisation of available storage space.

By narrowing the distance of the aisles and using tall racking systems the maximum vertical and horizontal storage space is able to be utilised no matter the overall size of the building.

Adaptalift Group has a number of specially adapted VNA units to suit any application including man-up turret trucks, counterbalance aisle-master forklifts and ride-on reach trucks.

Each of the units is profiled below, showcasing its VNA capabilities.

Man-up Turret Trucks
Hyster’s turret trucks are the premier VNA materials handling solution, operating in the narrowest and tallest aisles.

Units are available with lift capacities from 1T – 1.5T. Hyster’s patented Quad form mast provides the ultimate stability for operators and loads even up to a maximum lift height of 17m. 

Operator are provided with maximum visibility when picking up or setting down loads thanks to the moveable cabin which can run the length of the mast to line up at any lift height.

This leads to an increase in the safety of those working in the vicinity or below the unit as well as better load safety.

Units are flexible in operation running on specially installed guidance systems (e.g. rail or wire guidance) when working in aisles, whilst also being to be manually steered by operators
when moving between aisles.

The integrated pantograph allows operators to move loads from both sides of an aisle, whilst also moving the load up and down the aisle with the tynes in the forward position.

Hyster very narrow aisle turret trucks

Aisle-Master Counterbalance Forklift
Aisle-Master counterbalance forklifts are able to operate in aisles as narrow as 1.6m wide.

The articulating mast allows the unit to be more compact and the aisles to be narrow than those needed to operate a conventional counterbalance forklift which has a larger footprint and turning circle when fully loaded.

Thanks to the units unique articulating mast Aisle-masters can stack left and right whilst travelling down a narrow aisle.

The counterbalance design allows loads of up to 2T in weight to be lifted to heights up to 15m high.

Unlike turret trucks the Aisle-master’s operator remains seated on the unit during operations, the cabin design also provides maximum visibility during lifting operations.

Units are available in both battery electric and LPG versions, thus catering for a wide range of applications. 

Combilift VNA Aisle-Master narrow aisle counterbalance forklift

Ride-on Reach Trucks
Hyster’s R series of ride-on reach trucks offer a viable indoor VNA solution where turret or counterbalance options aren’t suitable.

The battery electric truck comes in models able to lift loads up to 2.5T in weight, with a maximum lift height of up to 12m high due to the robust mast design offering maximum stability.

Units have a number of ergonomic design and safety features including:

  • ‘Past the mast’ visibility for increased accuracy, productivity and performance
  • Eco-elo mode reducing energy consumption by 20% allowing units to operate longer
  • Ergonomic operator controls

Units can also be fitted with optional extras including camera systems to further increase visibility.

Hyster VNA reach truck narrow aisle

With the full range of VNA units, Adaptalift Group is able to provide tailored VNA solutions no matter the requirements.

To discuss how you can maximise your available storage space with VNA contact Adaptalift Group on 13 22 54 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Published By: Paul Hinz

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