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Straddle Carrier’s Flexible Solutions for Distribution

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Combilift Australia imports and sells the complete range of unique and innovative side-loaders and container handling units.

This week’s blog looks at cost effective and flexible solutions for transporting large oversized items and containers.

The straddle carrier range was developed as a solution for distribution, haulage and shipping companies, when compared to heavy duty forklifts and container handlers.

Able to handle both 20 and 40 foot containers as well as long and oversized loads such as metal piping straddle carriers are one of the most flexible container handling units on the market.

Straddle carriers offer full independence when moving laden containers or other oversized loads with specialist setups available including standard and telescopic models for single or dual container lifts.

Some of the unique features of the straddle carrier include:

Lifting a wide range of loads
Straddle Carriers are versatile and can lift a wide range of loads including containers, portable buildings, extended pipe lengths and reels conveniently and safely.
straddle carriers variety of loads

Easy loading and unloading
Easy loading and unloading with the ability to drive directly over the top of containers, trailer beds, truck mounted cranes or oversized loads. The straddle carrier is then able to deliver the load to its final destination without the use of other equipment.
straddle carriers easy loading and unloading

Rough Terrain Operation
Straddle Carriers lighter unladen weight (when compared to heavy duty forklifts) greatly reduces the ground pressure of the unit, combined with large floatation tires this enables them to operate on poor and semi-rough terrain, where more conventional units can’t.
straddle carriers operate on rough terrain

Double Stacking
More than double your storage space by double stacking containers in very neat stacks with very small access aisles. Specialist telescopic models provide the ability to lift one container over another gaining access to buried containers far easier.
straddle carriers offer double stacking

Manoeuvrability, 360 degree vision and safe operation
Straddle carriers provide unmatched manoeuvrability – it allows the operator to turn a 40’ container within its own radius, this makes tight sites with limited access now available for container handling. In conjunction with manoeuvrability comes the 360 degree clear vison the operator has when driving the machine – this adds again to the safety factor making the straddle carriers an industry leader in safety.

Special builds – a Standard Combilift Operation
Many customers have low doorways, low awnings or special product requirements. From rail head 43 wide straddles, low build machines to Mobile Gantry’s handling up to 100 tonnes Combilift has an option.
Over 70% of the straddles that are manufactured today are built to suit a particular customer requirement.

This blog post has demonstrated just some of the many benefits straddle carriers bring to their owners. For further information click below.

straddle carrier promotion

Published By: Paul Hinz

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