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Reach Stacker and Container Handler: Tailored Solutions

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This week’s blog highlights some of the turnkey handling solutions that have been developed by Hyster globally, to meet the most demanding applications.

Showcasing the industry leading knowledge that can be called upon to provide the most efficient and cost effective materials handling solution available to Adaptalift’s customers.

Challenge 1: Moving and unloading containerised bulk cargo using one machine


The Solution: Installing an attachment to RS45-31CH ReachStackers that allows the lifting and pivoting of 20ft containers filled with loose bulk cargo such as grain using the one machine

Challenge 2: Handling general cargo and laden containers using one machine


The Solution: Hyster designed a special fork mounted spreader attachment that allows quick and effective switching between handling containers and fork mounted goods

Challenge 3: To be able to handle containers, trailers and steel coils with the same ReachStacker


The Solution: Hyster designed and installed a toolchanger attachment that allows quick changes between a standard container spreader, an intermodal container spreader and a C-hook attachment

Challenge 4: To be able to lift Hyster big truck units onto and off ships with cranes for stevedoring operations that have limited lifting capacities of only 50 tonnes


The Solution: Hyster designed and implemented a specialist stevedoring counterweight that automatically unlocks when it is lifted, allowing the forklift and weight to be lifted safely separately during operations

Challenge 5: To handle overheight cargo or achieve negative lift with a ReachStacker


The solution: Integrate 2100mm legs onto the units spreader bar

Challenge 6: To perform multiple activities with the same ReachStacker without having to change trucks


The solution: A toolchanger attachment that allows easy switching between a steel slab handler, a c-hook coil handler and a container spreader

Backed by industry leading knowledge and superior adaptability of Hyster units, Adaptalift Hyster are able to offer customers solutions to meet even the toughest challenges. 

If you would like to discuss how Adaptlaift can design and implement a turnkey solution to solve your materials handling challenge talk to a team member on 13 22 54 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Published By: Paul Hinz

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