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Combilift MR Multi-Directional Reach Truck Long Load Handling With Increased Productivity and Safety

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Is your warehouse operation looking to improve productivity and safety whilst also reclaiming valuable warehouse space?

The Combilift MR multi-directional reach truck could be the ideal materials handling solution especially for long loads.

Set apart from its multi-directional forklift siblings the C and CB Series the Combilift MR is a stand-on unit rather than a sit down unit.

In conjunction with the unit’s multi-directional movement and long load handling capabilities, the stand-on design provides many advantages that are discussed below in this week’s blog.

Increased Safety
As mentioned in a recent blog post cabin stairs are a common tripping hazards for operators who are required to climb on/off units repeatedly during operations.

The fact that the MR is a stand-on unit the chances of operators tripping is greatly reduced when compared to other forklifts.

When climbing on/off the MR the operator is moving from the unit directly down to the ground (vice versa) there are no steps to potentially trip over during repeated and/or rapid climbing on/off.

Inside the operators cabin tripping hazards are again greatly reduced with the raised multi-function control joystick allowing the operator to change directions and control speed without the need for ground based pedals.

Combilift MR ergonomic controls

Better Operator Ergonomics
Sitting incorrectly in a forklift seat for the duration of a long shift can increase the risk of operators suffering from health complaints such as back pain.

With its stand-on design the MR allows operators to stand in a more natural position during long shifts decreasing their prospects of being affected by health complaints such as back pain.

Combilift MR stand on forklift increased safety

Increased Productivity
With its one wheel rear wheel drive the Combilift MR offers 360O steering rotation for superior manoeuvrability.

What makes the MR unique is that it is the only unit in the Combilift family that is able to change direction whilst in motion.

Standard multi-directional Combilift units require operators to come to a complete stop and then change the direction of the wheels before continuing on with their travel route.

Eliminating the need for these time consuming stoppages in operations to change directions allows the unit to be in motion constantly, thus allowing more loads to be moved in a quicker and more efficient manner.

A further flow on productivity benefit of operators moving directly between the operator cabin and the ground is where operators are required to climb in/out of the cabin frequently for reason such as checking load safety or picking items this is able to be completed rapidly without having to use steps.

After completing actions outside the cabin one step from the ground has the operator back in the cabin and in position ready to proceed, without having to sit down and do up a seatbelt or other time consuming tasks that can add up to productivity loses during a shift.

Reclaim Warehouse Space
With warehouse space often at a premium the narrow aisle design of the MR can assist in the reclaiming of valuable space for more stock to be stored.

Whilst other Combilift units already allow operation in narrow aisle the stand-on design of the MR unit takes this a step further, often when an operator is seated the width of the cabin and therefore unit must be increased approximately 400 to 500mm to accommodate the operator in a seated position.

By having the operator standing up the MR allows for aisle width to be narrowed even further.

The saving of 400 to 500mm across a couple aisles may not seem significant, however in a large warehouse reclaiming this width cumulatively across a number of aisles could allow for the installation of additional aisles to increase valuable stock holdings.

With a lifting capacity of 2.5T up to 6,500mm and powered by environmentally friendly battery electric technology the Combilift MR stand-on reach truck is the a unique and practical materials handling solution offering productivity, safety and space saving benefits to warehouse and logistics operations.

To learn more about the Combilift MR or any other multi-directional units please contact your nearest branch on 13 22 54 and ask to speak to a Combilift Representative, visit our website or for further information email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Published By: Paul Hinz

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