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8 Important Safety Precautions When Working with a Pressure Washer

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Using a pressure washer to clean can be an extremely effective and efficient. However, if care is not taken when operating there is a risk of injury or damage to property.

If you’re going to work with a pressure washer, there are certain precautions you should take to avoid injuries.

Whether you are a professional, a beginner or you are simply trying to do some DIY cleaning, these tips are important.

Understand the Unit
Basically, this is an important safety precaution for first time users and repeat users as well. This is because not all pressure washers are the same and they have different modes of operation. Therefore, it is always a good idea to go through the user’s manual to understand your specific unit. This also includes learning about troubleshooting should the need arise.

Use the Right Gear
It goes without saying that you need to be correctly suited up if you want to work with a pressure washer. We’re talking about water flowing at a highly pressurised rate, if you’re not properly suited up it could lead to injuries. So, to protect your feet, you should always wear a pair of non-slip work boots while working. It is also a good idea to wear work gloves to keep your hands safe as well as long trousers and safety glasses. And if you’re making use of a pressure washer that runs on gas, then protect your ears from the noise.

wear the correct protective equipment when pressure cleaning

Be Conscious of your Environment
While working with a pressure washer, you should be alert and continuously scan your environment for anything that can be an obstruction. Make sure there are no loose electrical wires jutting out as when mixed with water these can result in electrocution. Cover up outlets, ensure that there are no fragile objects on your path and make sure there are no people within the area. If you are working with a pressure washer that runs on gas, make sure you are not indoors as they release carbon monoxide.

Pick Your Equipment Parts Carefully
Pressure washers are available with a variety of different nozzles and each nozzle has a specific use. If you need a more concentrated flow of water, then you’ll need a smaller nozzle. Be careful though because the extra power can be dangerous. It’s always better to try out the larger nozzle first and then try out the smaller if needed.

Never Place any part of your body in the direct stream of water
Keep all parts of your body away from the stream of water. Seriously, this is very important as the water force can cause grievous bodily harm.

Get a good balance
You’re working with water and things could get quite slippery so ensure that you have both feet firmly planted. Get a good balance and watch out for anything that could cause you to trip.

Karcher Easy Force Pressure Cleaner Vehicle Cleaning

Engage the Safety Latch
Every pressure washer has a safety latch. Remain safe by keeping it engaged if you’re running the washer without spraying.

Remember to get rid of excess pressure once you’re done
Once you finish spraying, turn off the washer and get rid of excess pressure by pressing the trigger.

Of course, it all boils down to getting the right Pressure Washer. The Easy!Force trigger gun eliminates the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Eliminate risk of repetitive strain injury with our new EASY!Force trigger gun. It is designed so that the water control trigger is at the band of the handle instead of the front. The recoil from the water pushes the trigger into the middle
of the hand, eliminating the need to form a fist and squeeze as you do with a conventional trigger gun. This means zero holding force is needed to operate the pressure washer!

Karcher Easy Force High Pressure Gun

With the EASY!Force trigger, you get:

  • Improved ergonomics for stress-free cleaning
  • Increased lifespan with the full ceramic valve
  • Intuitive trigger for increased safety
  • Patented EASY!Lock for locking that’s 5 times faster

The EASY!Force trigger is compatible with all Kärcher professional pressure washers - experience pressure cleaning in comfort today!

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