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5 Key Safety Accessories for your Materials Handling Equipment

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Occupational health and safety continues to be a top consideration for all companies operating materials handling equipment. Whilst there are many standard safety features on materials handling vehicles, there are many additional safety accessories available that can be used to further increase safety of units, operators and those working in the surrounding areas.

This blog post will examine five key safety accessories that will improve safety when operating materials handling equipment.

Blue Strobe Lights

Pedestrian safety is paramount in warehouse settings where there are shared pathways. Whilst most forklifts come fitted with some standard safety lights, a blue strobe light is a great safety accessory to add, greatly enhancing the visibility of oncoming forklifts to pedestrians. A blue strobe light projects a large intense spotlight up to 20 feet in front of an operational forklift, alerting nearby traffic to its presence. Blue strobe lights are particularly useful to warn of a forklift approaching a blind corner or when entering or exiting a trailer, container or storage facility.
blue safety strobe light

Ergonomic/Air Suspension Chair

An ergonomically designed suspension chair provides additional driver safety features. Drivers are often required to complete long shifts whilst sitting down and operating materials handling vehicles. This can lead to many physical ailments including back pain. An ergonomic chair allows vehicle operators to sit comfortably whilst completing shifts, therefore reducing the likelihood of an employee being affected by a physical ailment. This is ultimately beneficial to a company for numerous reasons including:

  • Allows workers to complete their shifts without downtime for injury. Thus providing more productivity for the business.
  • As workers are less likely to be affected by a physical ailment it reduces the potential for a company to have to pay compensation to an injured employee.
  • Reduces overall business costs as it keeps employees working longer and replacement employees are not required to be sought when injured employees need time off to seek treatment.

Ergonomic/air suspension chair

Forklift Load Scales

All materials handling vehicles have a maximum capacity rating that they have been designed to lift. If the maximum capacity is exceeded, irreparable damage can occur to the vehicle, the load and the operator. Forklift load scales are a simple insurance policy accessory that businesses can use to ensure they are only lifting loads that do not exceed the maximum capacity of their materials handling vehicles. There are two main types of load scales:

  1. Those that are installed onto a vehicle and are able to weigh a load whilst it is being lifted.
  2. Scales that act much in the same way to household bathroom scales where the load is put together and weighed on the scales and then lifted.

forklift load scales

Spill Kits

Spill kits are particularly important for businesses that run battery electric vehicles. The battery acid from these units is both corrosive and toxic and needs to be dealt with carefully. Specialist spill kits are a must have item to contain any potential toxic spills that may occur. Spill kits include all necessary individual safety equipment and clean-up equipment required to safely clean up any chemical spills.
spill kit


ForkTrack from Adaptalift Hyster is the industry leading fleet management and safety system. It can be installed on materials handling vehicles to improve safety.

ForkTrack comes equipped with many standard features to help improve safety and efficiency across your fleet. Features include:

  • Intelligent Seatbelt/Handbrake Interlocks
  • Digital Prestart Checklist
  • Operator ID Controls
  • Impact Detection

ForkTrack’s standard safety features ensure proper operation of vehicles only by employees with the necessary skills and qualifications to do so, thus improving operator and workplace safety.

ForkTrack offers a wide variety of advanced safety monitoring features including:

  • Digital Weight Indicator
  • Active Speed Contro
  • Automatic Email Alerts

ForkTrack is a vital tool for any vehicle fleet operation that provides all levels of management, OH&S representatives and operators the peace of mind that essential safety requirements are being observed 24/7 through its extensive array of features and capabilities. ForkTrack makes your workplace safer, it’s that simple.
forktrack fleet management and safety

For further information on ForkTrack features please click here.

Published By: Paul Hinz

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