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2017 Comparison of Forklift Ownership VS Fully Maintained Long-Term Rental

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Due to the expensive capital required to purchase a forklift, rental is becoming a preferred option for owner and/or operators looking to source new equipment.

This blog will provide a comparison between forklift ownership and fully maintained long-term rental (LTR); it will explain when each option is most beneficial along with the major advantages of each option.

A fully maintained LTR agreement is recommended for owner/operators who extensively use their forklift/s, often these are larger companies who operate 24/7.

LTR forklifts are fully maintained by Adaptalift’s industry leading after-market support divisions including parts, sales and service for the duration of the agreement.

LTR agreements provide owners and operators with a clear expense schedule that is to be paid for the duration of the agreement. All reasonable unit maintenance is covered as part of the on-going rental fees.

ownership vs longterm rental

Fully Maintained Advantages

  • Frees up business capital, so these funds can be better utilised within the business
  • All reasonable servicing and maintenance is carried out by Adaptalift’s fully qualified technicians and included in monthly rental expenses
  • Predictable rental expenses (based on contract payment terms) for the duration of the agreement
  • 1 x new set of forklift tyres per 12 month period
  • Choosing from Hyster’s complete range, businesses will have the latest innovative, ergonomic, and productive units available
  • Forklift transport to and from business is handled by Adaptalift
  • Rental payments are tax deductible
  • Offers maximum flexibility to change, if the businesses materials handling requirements change over the duration of the agreement
  • Businesses can eliminate standby or obsolete equipment by trading in current units to generate instant capital for business, replacement units are provided when a unit needs to be removed from service

For owner/operators who do not extensively use their forklift they are better suited to an owned than a LTR agreement.

Under this agreement the forklift is owned as a business asset, in most cases a comprehensive warranty is included in the purchase price.

If this unit is serviced and maintained correctly the assets value will not decrease significantly, thus ensuring the unit retains maximum resell value.

Owned Advantages

  • Forklift is owned as a business asset
  • Minimal usage ensures asset value depreciation is minimal ensuring the asset retains value towards being resold or traded-in at a later date
  • Minimal usage ensures service and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum as unit is not under constant exertion

Adaptalift’s fully maintained long-term rental options provide businesses with peace of mind that their materials handling needs are always met within budget, and supported by market leading aftermarket support across parts, sales and service to ensure minimal downtime.

We can also supply individual units for outright purchase, who also have access to our leading aftermarket support, ensuring units operation is maximised whilst still retaining maximum asset value for the future.

Whether you operate 24/7 or use your forklift only on the odd occasion Adaptalift is able to provide you with the most effective materials handling solution for your business.


Published By: Paul Hinz

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