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SMg130 Base

Ride-on Scrubber/Sweeper

SMg130 ride-on scrubbing machine is suitable for the routine and deep-down cleaning of surfaces up to 20,000 sq.m.

The resource-optimising systems ensure increased autonomy, less waste, reduced consumption and improved cleaning performance.

Thanks to their large-capacity tanks, the new squeegee support that ensures perfect drying (even around curves), and the brush head that can moved up to 15cm sideways to clean under shelving, SMg130 models are extremely productive and efficient.


  • Energy efficient
  • Driver-friendly instrument panel, with all the controls on hand
  • Anti-skid front and rear wheels
  • In addition to the side brushes, SMg130 also has two cylindrical brushes for collecting even small solid residue and conveying it into the debris hopper

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SMg130 Base

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Surfaces (sq.m.) 15,000-20,000
Type of cleaning system Hard cleaning
Working area (cm) 137
Squeegee width (cm) 127
Number of brushes 2 (2 Optional)
Power Supply Battery (36 V)
Solution tank (l.) 275
Recovery tank (l.) 334
Dimensions (mm)
- Length
- Height
- Width


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