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Ride-on Scrubber/Sweeper

Mg1300 scrubbing machine is particularly suitable for the maintenance and deep-down cleaning of surfaces up to 30,000 sq.m. (the diesel version, however, has no limits).

Mg1300 is the most powerful scrubbing machine of the entire Fimap product range, with automatic drive traction and a front motorwheel. Thanks to its power and exceptional working capacity, it is perfect for cleaning industrial facilities, commercial environments, train stations and airports.

Mg1300 is also approved for street use.


  • Equipped with an electronic system that facilitates machine use by automating its functions
  • Operator's seat designed to ensure maximum comfort
  • Automatically retracts whenever any obstacles are encountered
  • Exceptional machine autonomy thanks to the availability of both a battery and diesel versions
  • Perfect drying is ensured by the powerful vacuum motor and the V-shaped squeegee
  • Large-capacity tanks allowing for increased productivity

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Mg1300 B Mg1300 D
Surfaces (sq.m.) 20,000-25,000 25,000-30,000
Type of cleaning system Hard cleaning Hard cleaning
Working area (cm) 130 130
Squeegee width (cm) 146 146
Number of brushes 4 1
Power Supply Battery (36 V) Diesel Engine
Solution tank (l.) 360 360
Recovery tank (l.) 380 380
Dimensions (mm)
- Length
- Height
- Width

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