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FS80 - FS120

Ride-on Sweeper

Fimap has purposely designed the FS80-FS120 Series of sweeping machines to facilitate the collection of solid debris and light dusts.

They are suitable for removing even the most resistant dirt from both indoor and outdoor surfaces (large warehouses, car parks and large public areas) of more than 40,000 sq.m.

These machines are the best in their class in terms of performance, power, strength and adaptability to heavy duty work loads.
A second side brush is available upon request.


  • The rear motorwheel traction makes the machine safe and manoeuvrable
  • The fabric pocket filter is long-lasting and offers excellent results, even in environments where large amounts of fine dusts are present
  • The side brush retracts in the event of accidental impacts, thus avoiding any possible damage
  • Equipped with an electrical filter shaker, directly controlled by a button on the instrument panel, which keeps the pocket filter constantly clean

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FS80 - FS120

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FS80 B/DFS90 B/D FS120 B/D
Surfaces (sq.m.)B: 6,000-16,000
D: 6,000-20,000
B: 10.000-20.000
D: 15,000-25,000
B: 20.000-35.000
D: 20,000-40,000
Working width with central brush (cm)8090 120
Working width with 1 rh side brush (cm)112122 155
Working width with 2 side brushes (cm)144154 185
Number of side brushes / cm1-2/501-2/50 1-2/50
Power SupplyB: Battery (36 V)
D: Diesel
B: Battery (36 V)
D: Diesel
B: Battery (36 V)
D: Diesel
Type of dumping systemHydraulic HydraulicHydraulic
Debris hopper capacity (l.)360400 600
Front-mounted hopper
Filter surface area (sq.m.)78 10
Dimensions (mm)
- Length
- Height
- Width




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