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Fimap 4

Ride-on Outdoor Sweeper

A street sweeping machine equipped with a system of mechanical vacuuming collection to collect bulky material and dusts.

The filtering system with 50 sq.m of polyester surface assures the necessary autonomy for the machine working capacity.

Thanks to the four steering wheels it is extremely easy to handle also in cluttered up areas.


  • Minimal water required with excellent dust control
  • Highly manoeuvrable with four wheel steering
  • Recommended for council sweeping applications
  • Suitable for large outdoor sports venues and heavy industry including mines and brickworks

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Fimap 4

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Fimap 4
Working width with 2 side brushes (cm) 222
Working width with side brushes + third brush (cm) 262
Bin lifting maximum height (cm) 180
Power Supply Diesel
Maximum Speed (Km/h) 40
Working Speed (Km/h) 12
Dimensions (mm)
- Length
- Height
- Width


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