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S1.2S–1.5S Series

Walkie Stackers

Each of these walkie stacker models offers power, precision and reliability for a variety of demanding operations.  Combining the manoeuvrability of a pedestrian stacker with the travel speed of a ride-on pallet truck, they are ideal for placing goods into low to mid high level racking, short or long distance transfers, or ramp operation.


  • Welded fork construction, highly resistant to torsion when handling heavy loads.
  • A choice of lift heights and mast configurations to suit your application.
  • Progressive speed control and fly-by-wire power steering system ensure optimum performance levels.
  • 5-point wheel layout, with fixed stabilizer wheels, provides enhanced stability.
  • AC drive motor provides superior performance and reduced operating and maintenance costs.
  • Driver Diagnostic Interface (DDI) allows selection of appropriate performance settings for specific applications.
  • ‘Initial Lift’ and ‘Straddle Leg’ models provide the perfect answer for specific applications.


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S1.2S–1.5S Series

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