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Automatic Guided Vehicles

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Integrated Solutions For All of your print handling needs

As the printing industry undergoes unprecedented changes, one thing remains constant - efficient production facilities with the flexibility to respond to changes, will rise to the top. Automated movement of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods by JBT Automatic Guided Vehicles is the solution to maximize productivity while eliminating product damage. Whether it’s a fully hosted system or a stand alone vehicle, join the growing list of printers that have improved their bottom line with automatic
guided vehicles.


Serving applications throughout your entire printing operation:

Paper Warehouse
Pick up and identification of rolls at receiving
High density storage and retrieval of rolls
Transport of reels to/from prep stations

Reel Room
Transport from reel prep to buffer storage
Storage and retrieval into multilevel intermediate rack positions
Handling of partial and butt rolls
Delivery of reels to presses from buffer storage

At the Presses
Automatic reel loading
Removal of waste material and cores

Just-in-time delivery of WIP pallets to point of use
Transport of print reels from the press to storage
Delivery of print reels to the bindery
Handling of signature pallets from the pressroom to storage
Delivery of signature pallets to finishing and bindery

Mailroom and Packaging Center
Pick up and identification of pallets at receiving
Storage and retrieval of pallets in multi level racking
Delivery of pallets to point of use
Pickup of pallets from palletizer and stretch wrap machines
Staging of finished pallets at the shipping dock
Automatic trailer loading

Self Guided Vehicle Benefits

Return on Investment
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Improving safety
  • Reducing paper & building damage
  • Improving production efficiency

Track all inventory, material movement, and consumption
  • In the warehouse
  • At reel prep, before & after stripping
  • In laydown or rack storage
  • En route while on SGV fleet
  • At the press
  • Work-in-process
  • Deliver & track waste to be recycled

Dedicated to the unique demands of the printing industry with over 50 installations & over 30 years of successful operation.

  • Laser guidance allows for quick & easy guidepath changes
  • Ability to interface with a variety of equipment & software
  • System can change as plant demands change
  • Varied system sizes to fit your plant's needs & budget
  • Scalable system controls to match your material movement

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Printing Industry

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