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Automotive Industry

Automatic Guided Vehicles

For All of Your Fork Free Material Handling Needs.

JBT understands the complex needs of the automotive industry and will scale AGV systems to achieve the predicted benefits.

We offer material handling simulations, integration, and engineering studies to make certain that all goals are met.

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Powertrain (Transmission & Engine) Manufacturing Plants

  • Raw Materials to machining centers
  • Machined parts to assembly
  • Assemblies to packaging
  • Self guided cart for handling of small components

Stamping Plants

  • Blanks from receiving to stamping lines
  • Stamped parts to assembly/weld areas
  • Assembly/weld to shipping
  • Die handling

Assembly Plants

  • Body panels from receiving to weld
  • Major subassemblies to production line
  • Production components to staging areas
  • Self guided carts for handling of small components

Engineering Services

A computer model of the material handling process can be used to indicate the optimum number of vehicles, paths, and support equipment locations. Simulations accurately predict what realistically can be expected from the system, what can be done to improve it, and what system size is ideal.

In order for a material handling project to be successful all equipment must work together. JBT has experience integrating equipment & software from various vendors. We regularly interface with many types of equipment including AS/RS, conveyors, in-floor conveyors, robotic arms, production systems, and warehouse management systems. JBT will make sure the system as a whole operates as expected.

Engineering Studies
JBT has decades of experience and hundreds of projects under our belt. We will call on that experience when considering the unique challenges your company faces. We can guide you through different technologies, and help find the right solution to meet your goals, whether it's simple, A-to-B movements or a fully integrated system controlled by our SGV Manager software.

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Self Guided Vehicle Benefits

Return On Investment
JBT self guided vehicles deliver improved safety, reduced product and facility damage, and reduced labor and equipment costs for a quick ROI.

With over 750 vehicles operating in automotive applications, JBT understands the unique demands of this challenging industry. Our systems get the right parts, to the right place, at the right time, just in time, every time.

Our navigation technology and layout wizard software allow quick and simple adjustments to the vehicle paths. This, plus our scalable AGV solutions, enables the system to grow and change as plant demands grow and change, allowing it to provide a positive contribution long into the future.

Self guided vehicles operate as the cornerstone of efficient part delivery strategies including sequencing, FIFO delivery, automatic pull, and just-in-time. Seamless integration with production hardware and software produces a smooth flow of parts and data.

JBT support is second to none with numerous standard service packages available or a custom program can be developed to exactly meet specific needs. Expert support is always only a phone call away with our 24 hour hotline.

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Automotive Industry

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