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Jaybot Automatic Guided Vehicle

Automatic Guided Vehicles

Finally, a simple AGV solution for mid-sized applications – an affordable entry point into automation, specifically designed to grow as your needs do


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Shorten payback periods and minimise total cost of ownership
Easy Installation quickly adds to the bottom line

Maximise productivity and safety, reduce product damage
Automate routine pallet movements, which frees personnel to focus on other tasks

Flexible and scalable
Pick up and delivery points and paths can be easily reprogrammed
Utilise decentralised control for simple A to B movements or upgrade to centralised design for integrated, highly optimised fleets

Designed to maximize your productivity and your profitability, the JayBoT AGV is ideal for companies in the middle segment, where automated guided carts (AGCs) don’t offer enough functionality and where traditional AGV systems are too complex and costly.

A perfect fit for applications currently using manual forklift trucks that perform repetitive tasks needing one to four vehicles, the JayBoT AGV can also handle the precise positioning needed for automatic pickup from and delivery to racks, stands, conveyors and floor positions.

Unlike traditional solutions, the JayBoT AGV features:
  • Navigation without reflectors, magnets or wires
  • Independent decision making by vehicles
  • Communication between vehicles as well as external devices
  • No system manager required

The result is a less expensive system that’s easier to operate, more productive than other methods and that can be delivered and installed in half the time of other systems.
Precise Natural Environment Navigation
360o real-time imaging of surrounding environment
Compares scan data to baseline map
Requires no infrastructure changes
Laser triangulation option using reflective targets

Safe Operation 24/7
360o obstacle protection
Operation limited to predefined "roads"
Vehicle to vehicle communication to control traffic
Exceeds required safety and machinery standards

Intelligent, Capable AGV
Accepts automatic or manual orders
Fully automatic load pick-up and delivery
Optimizes battery usage and life
Peer-to-peer communication independent of plant communications infrastructure

User-Friendly Support Software – Laptop Based
Automatic environment mapping and editing
Road system creation and editing
Vehicle operation customization

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Raw material delivery
Move work-in-process
Waste removal/recycling

End of line takeaway
Warehouse put-away/retrieval
Order picking replenishment
Incoming goods storage
Empty pallet delivery Product retrieval
Cross docking

JayBoT AGV System Components
JayBoT AGV – provides unmanned movement of materials to support operations

JayBoT AGV I/O – provides communication between the JayBoT AGV and external devices

Automatic Charging System – allows opportunity charging of JayBoT AGVs

Manual Battery Exchange Cart & Stand – facilitates safe manual swapping of JayBoT AGV batteries

JayBoT AGV Call – lighted push button input for operators to manually initiate move orders through JayBoT AGV I/O

A world leader in AGV systems, with more than 25 years of experience

It's no accident that JBT Corporation is the most successful supplier of AGV systems. We’ve assembled the industry’s brightest minds and, with their expertise, develop customized AGV solutions to help customers’ facilities become more productive and run more efficiently.

From AGV engineering services to system software and from standard vehicles to custom solutions and the new JayBoT AGV, JBT delivers effective and affordable automation to every segment of the market.

We understand your business, and we’ve dedicated ours to delivering what you need. That’s the JBT difference.

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Jaybot Automatic Guided Vehicle

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