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Steve Reynolds – Victorian Sales Manager and Big Trucks Specialist

06 February, 2012

We’ve been lucky enough to get some time with Steve Reynolds, our Victorian Sales Manager and Big Truck Specialist.  As well as managing a successful sales team in Victoria, Steve deals with all their big truck customers, assisting them in making the right choice for their particular applications.

Big Trucks are a winner at SteelHaul

06 February, 2012

Hyster at SteelHaul

As SteelHaul predominantly transport and store heavy materials, they require durable machinery to carry out their daily movement tasks. SteelHaul and Adaptalift Hyster have had a strong relationship for over fifteen years now, with Adaptalift Hyster supplying SteelHaul with the Big Trucks they require for their immense operation.

6-High Reach Stackers from Hyster

06 February, 2012


Hyster has recently announced a series of developments on its leading Reach Stacker range of container handling equipment, including a 6-high stacking option for higher density container stacking.

Hyster’s Reach Stacker range is available in both container handling (CH) and intermodal handling (IH) versions and is designed for high density container stacking applications, usually up to 5-high and 3-rows deep. Hyster has now introduced the 6-high stacker option, which is currently available on certain Reach Stacker container handling models. For the first time, Hyster Reach Stacker models can stack 8’6” height containers 6 high, in the first container row.